Why Hire an Attorney for Family Matters

There are many family matters that become to difficult to handle amongst spouses. Over time, people may grow apart and find they are no longer compatible. If this were to happen and the parties have Disputes over Children and other things that have become apart of their household, they need to Hire an Attorney for [...]

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Why Hire an Attorney for Auto Accidents

Auto accidents occur every day and the people involved are not sure what to do. They may not realize the repercussions that may result after the car accident happens. This includes insurance claims, medical bills, injuries, lost wages, and more. Meeting with an attorney early on can help the people involved know the next steps [...]

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Documentation is Key

Whenever you're involved in a West Virginia divorce, it's important that you document as much as possible.  You should gather documentation on all accounts.  You should also get a copy of all deeds and property appraisals.  Having documentation and having it organized may be time consuming, but it will help you get ready before you file [...]

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