Child Support Lawyers Serving Charleston, WV

When parents separate or divorce, a critical questions remains: Who will take care of the needs of the children? At the law firm of Pritt & Pritt, PLLC, we are dedicated to helping families through the difficult legal problems of child custody and child support. Our priority in these matters is the same as yours: Ensuring that the best interests of the child are protected and met.

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Child Custody and Child Support Representation

One of the most important aspects of child support representation is documentation. There are many factors taken into consideration when determining a child support arrangement, including the income of both parents and the educational and healthcare needs of the child.

Without proper documentation of these circumstances, you won't be able to prove anything to the court. Our attorneys are very thorough and detail-oriented and understand the importance of providing proper documentation. We give the smallest details our full attention, in order to seek fair child support arrangements for our clients.

In West Virginia, the child's wishes are taken into account starting at the age of 14. It's important to remember that child custody and child support issues can go on until the child turns 18. It is especially important to have a lawyer you can trust in these matters, because you could be dealing with that lawyer for a very long time. If one of the parents is planning on relocating you should seek legal advice from an experienced family law attorney.

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