Charleston Alimony Lawyer

What happens to divorcing spouses when one household becomes two? Budgets that were already crunched during marriage, can be stretched to the breaking point. At the law firm of Pritt & Pritt, PLLC, we are adept at helping divorcing spouses establish alimony arrangements that seek the financial security of both spouses, and reflect the contributions of both spouses to the marital estate.

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Alimony Arrangements That Make Sense

At the law firm of Pritt & Pritt, PLLC, we are experienced in establishing alimony arrangements for spouses who are going through divorce. We will fight for your rights regardless what side of the spousal support issue you are on:

  • If you were the breadwinner, we will stand up for your rights to help ensure a fair alimony arrangement, so that your assets are protected.
  • If you are seeking alimony, we will work to ensure that your contributions to the household are reflected in the alimony decree, and that you can start your post-divorce life on a stable footing.

Alimony disputes can be complex and contentious, but our lawyers are highly-skilled at reaching amicable arrangements through mediation and negotiation. If, however, those means do not yield sufficient results for you, we are fully prepared to fight for your interests in court. If future events render your alimony arrangement insufficient, we also help people with modifications of spousal support orders as well.

Kelly Pritt was the contributing attorney to this content